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WinWin- Manufacturer of CNC Router Machine, Laser Machine, Plasma Cutting Machine in China.

Since WinWin’s early beginnings in the 2000s as Machine Automation Technologies, the company has seen exponential growth every year of operation. We already supplied our CNC Routers to more than 70 countries all over the world, and already have partners more than 15 countries.

Now we have many series of products, such like CNC Routers, Laser Machines, Plasma Cutting Machines and etc.

Beyond the Products, WinWin is here.


picture of 5 axis cnc router
It is a natural progression that CNC machining technology is growing, including computerized numerical control with CNC router. The multi-axis machining means a CNC machine that moving in four or more ways.
5 axis CNC router is being sued in some special industries, such as 3D engraving, molding, shape cutting, plastic machining and aluminum machining. The materials that can be processing include EPS, Wood, Composites, honeycomb, aluminum, epoxy and many other materials.
The welded steel frame makes our 5 axis CNC router stable and durable. The parts suppliers of our CNC router include Italy Osai and Japanese Yaskawa. It determines our machine is with the highest accuracy and fastest speed.
Some people have a misperception that operating a 5 axis CNC router is complicated, time consuming and expensive. WRONG! Each of our 5 axis CNC router is customized for our customers. Put simply, our objective is to help our customers to produce more in less time at a lower cost.
We designed 5 and 4 axis CNC router for 3d processing. The most outstanding advantage of the 4 axis CNC router is that the spindle can rotate 180 degree around the vertical axis. 4 axis CNC router is also chosen for in advanced carvings, therefore they are suitable for processing the furniture, mould, arts & crafts, 3D engraving etc. It can process various kinds of curved surface at the same time.
The frame is made of welded steel. The Air-cooling spindle with ATC function is made in Italy that saves time than the original one. Our electrical parts and wire meet standard of IEC & ANSI. HSD, YASKAWA, Omron...These worldwide top quality parts combined our 4 axis CNC router.
picture of 4 axis cnc router
picture of 4th Axis CNC routers
CNC Routers come in many configurations. They are generally available in 3-axis and 5-axis CNC formats. We offer A and B Axis for full 5 axis capabilities and rotary 4th axis. Most 4th axis woodworking is about continuous indexing in order to do round work such as engraved cylinders of columns of various kinds for architectural work. Consequently 3D 360°are possible with almost all materials such as EPS, wood, plastics, Aluminum or even brass.

3Axis CNC Router for Woorworking, Advertising, Industry

CNC routers are widely recognized for their superior durability and repeatability. It typically produces consistent and high-quality work and productivity. They can reduce waste, frequency of errors at the same time. The 3 axis CNC routers are the basic machine that controlled by computer numerical control.
A CNC router is controlled by a computer to cut and engrave various hard materials, such as wood, foam, acrylic, composites, and soft metals. It is widely used in woodworking, advertising and industry.
The welded steel frame is strong and stable. Siemens, HSD, Yaskawa, Delta, these well-known companies are our parts suppliers. Custom machines are available upon request.
picture of 3 axis cnc router
picture of laser engraving machine
A laser engraving machine can be combined with three main parts: a laser, a controller, and a table surface. The laser beam emitted from it allows the controller to trace patterned onto the surface. The computer numerical controller controls the direction, intensity, speed of movement, and spread of the laser beam aimed at the surface.
The max. engraving depth and speed of engraving are determined by the material type and laser power. Generally, shallow engraving is faster than deep engraving. And lower density materials engraving is faster than higher one. So increasing the laser power can improve the speed of laser engraving.
Typically, Co2 laser engraving machine is not used for metal because most of the laser energy is reflected. However, fiber lasers with 1.06 micron wavelength can be used for shallow engraving into metal.
Plasma cutting is a process used to cut steel and other metals (and sometimes other materials) using a plasma torch.
The plasma cutting machine is an effective way of cutting both thin and thick sheets. It can usually cut a thick carbon steel plate to up to 50 millimeters and the most powerful torches mounted on machine tools can pierce and cut steel layers up to 130 millimeters of stainless steel, using a mixture of Argon and Hydrogen. For the carbon steel the maximum thickness reached is commonly less than 35 mm (therefore less than the thicknesses hand reached) since the sheet automatically piercing is very delicate.
The plasma cutting machines produce a 'cylinder' hot and perfectly directable on the cutting line, therefore are practically irreplaceable for the cutting of curved metal sheets or variously angled surfaces.
picture of cnc plasma cutting machine


ATC CNC Router for Making Door

Laser Cutting Machine for Cutting Acrylic

Plasma Cutting Machine for Cutting Metal

4 Axis CNC Router Engraving on Curved Surface

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